Broom Crowberry and Warren Grove


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Sep 17, 2002
Bob and All,

Correct me if I am wrong on this. On our outing where we visited the Warren Grove FAA tower and the Broom Crowberry, we walked throughout the Broom Crowberry in an area that was reasonably void of trees on the right side of the small road leading to the tower. I believe this is correct. Maybe someone from our outing took photo's and can post them.

Tonight I was scanning up some more slides to digitize them, and I came upon a few more photo's of the tower area that I took and had developed in 11/79. The first one shows the road leading to the tower, with at least three building in view that are no longer there today. You can also see telephone poles showing on the right side, with trees lining the perimeter of the entrance.

This is from our outing showing where the buildings once stood.

What you don't see in the first picture is that there is a sign just to the right of me mentioning that it is an FAA Communication Facility, so I also photographed that.

Just for the record, in the photo is my traveling companion who is taking photographs that I somehow did not get when he lent me his photo's to scan. I will work on that. Anyway, what is really important and surprised me is that this photo shows that there are trees lining the complete perimeter where there is now Broom Crowberry. Or was the Broom Crowberry only in the area right along the road and before the trees? Both photo's show the right side where we were. Is there Broom Crowberry showing?

Any comments?

Also, here is another photo of the chemicals buried in the ground at the chemical dump off of 72. This one shows it without the sticks which the other photo had.