Change is coming to Washington Crossing


Apr 4, 2011
This is sad news. The historic Washington Crossing Bridge is set to be replaced. In my opinion, the narrow bridge keeps traffic down in the park area and a modern replacement could be built at the sight of the former Yardley-Wilburtha crossing that was never replaced after the '55 flood. This would keep traffic closer to the the state buildings in Trenton and the Route 1 corridor. The bridge is 119 years young. I'm sentimental and would like to see the bridge saved but unfortunately progress will take its toll.

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Feb 8, 2022
Ah yes, crossing over this bridge is quite the experience. Always have to fold the mirrors in ahead of time coming up 29, and even then, it is a crazy tight squeeze. A friend of mine scratched the side of their car up on this span just a couple weeks after buying it.

I am up near Washington Crossing pretty often and I use this crossing a lot, but it's not ideal, to say the least.

It is way overdue for replacement, and it's good that they are at least starting the process to do it. I do agree though that they need to carefully consider traffic control and the impact on the areas on both side of the bridge. Currently it acts as a choke point that slows everyone down, and this works, because on the Pennsy side, it puts you right into the park rather than onto a major road.

Probably don't need to mourn it just yet though, as it sounds like they are just at the RFP stage and wouldn't even begin to start anything until 2027. Good chance it doesn't get replaced until more like 2030.
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