Close encounter of the Otter kind


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Dec 31, 1969
Had a wonderful paddle on Wednesday. While drifting down the shortcut near The Forks Inn I happened by a pair of River Otters wrestling on the bank. I have never gotten this close to an Otter before...wonderful...wonderful! The male was quite vocal and we kept our distance but he was very curious about that big furry Golden Retriever sitting at the bow.I got some great photos of them looking at us. It just does'nt get any better than this!
My pictures are at ( feel free to browse.

Geoff and Samson the river hound


Dec 31, 1969
Great! Good report. I read on this board that cacti and yucca grow in New Jersey, and now river otters. Who says you have to go to the NJ Aquarium to see them!

That must have been interesting watching the otter checking out the dog, and probably vice-versa.