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Evan Wilder

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Jun 21, 2011
For the last few years I've been working on and releasing some tracks and video about the Pines under the name Cloud People.

The 9th release in a series (The Clouds) is about to be released. It is a remix album of highlights from the previous 8 releases. I had help from locals Yung Coyote, and At Work, and also from afar—Jason Carr via Detroit MI, Berkeley CA; Ambient Fabric via Norway; and Messier Object (deep space, supposedly).

Cloud People Gone With The Wild Cloud 9

01 Open Deck Cloud Ship (7″)
02 Blue Sky Gliding Dub
03 Geese Honking (Rough Cut)
04 Awesome Drumset
05 A Pine Barrens Jungle Safari To The Fabled Mountains Of Dub
06 Nubanoc-Noc Pine Barrens Dub
07 Giant Sky Dub
08 Shamong (At Work Mix)
09 The Oaks (Jason Carr Remix)
10 Winter Starlight (Messier Object Remix)
11 Through The Wild (Instrumental)
12 The Mountains Of Ambient Fabric Freehand Cloud Climb
13 Winter Starlight (Extended Night Dub)
14 Beyond The Last Of The Leaves (Yung Coyote’s ReGen Coda)

I'm excited to be working with Yung Coyote. He grew up in the pines and we share similar interests in creating electronic music. There's a small local culture developing amongst us that is uniquely and proudly Pine Barrens.

So, this may border on advertising, but since the album will be free for a while, that may be arguable.
Hopefully this post won't sit like a broken beer bottle on the trail of the internet.


Evan Wilder

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