Curley Grass Fern Enduro


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Sep 17, 2002
I was reading an article I have from 1972 on the Curley Grass Fern Enduro. At the end of the article it talks about how well received the riders were. Totally unlike many residents or homeowners would be today. Imagine an article saying this today.

The huge influx of motorcyclists on the tiny Barrens town of Whiting has had an amazing effect on the local population. To say that relations between the residents and their once-a-year guests were cordial would be an understatement. The cyclists were welcomed with open arms.

The ladies auxiliary set out a sumptuous early-morning breakfast for the riders and their guest at the Whiting Fire House, and all day long, township police chaperoned and directed traffic.

When the enduro riders left, they had garnered a standing ovation to come back again.

"We've had them here every year for four years," said one Manchester Township cop. "They can come back anytime they want as far as we're concerned."

I can't post the article, but if any current member sends me a "Conversation" before Sunday night, I will pass along the 3 page article as soon as I can get to it. Enduro fans will enjoy it.

Or send me an email and I will send the full size article.
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Oct 25, 2002
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That was a great article Guy, thanks. Brought back memories. I used to stand at some of those mud holes and watch them as they came swerving through, with steam rising and mud flying. They looked beat!
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Toothy Critter

I rode in that '72 Curly Fern, And all the ECAC endures in the early 70's. Best days ever for off road.
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