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Toothy Critter

Gotta love 'pat my own back' reports. :rolleyes:

So let the Government strut on this one. Would you rather have Free Enterprise have charge in protecting the Pinelands? In the 1970"s Big Business thought the prudent thing to do was to turn the Pines into a retirement community. Remember that the "Company" wanted to strip the Pines of all its lumber a century or so ago. And development and pretty lawns are choking Barnegat Bay and turning it into a Jellyfish sanctuary. I am certainly not a patsy of the Government and I have plenty of gripes against them, but for this one, let then boast a little bit

Jon Holcombe

Dec 1, 2015
Corporations did quite a bit more than "develop" the pinelands. From the EPA website, an example of Ciba-Geigy's "stewardship":

When I was 18 I drove the City of Ventnor beach crew dump truck as a summer job. I made trips to "Price's Pit" in Pleasantville. Walking in shorts and sneaks, up to my knees in chemical smelling trash to unlatch the back of the truck. I noticed huge trailers loaded with 50 gallon barrels of chemicals dumping right around the area I was walking. "Prices's Landfill" was later featured on 60 minutes as one of the first Superfund sites. I've been waiting for decades for my legs to turn black and fall off, but so far, they remain attached and functional.
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Feb 18, 2017
Bass River State Forest
If you can stomach (or ignore) the self-back-patting of the NJ DEP Accomplishments report, there's some interesting stuff in there, and some good pictures. The ospreys on pg 45 are cute. The "bear encounters" maps on pg 44 shows 4 maps over 2 decades and you can clearly see - they are coming this way, if not already here!