Fish Factory


Sep 7, 2005
I am at this site every Saturday night all year round, viewing Crab Island and many of the other wonders from the end of
Great Bay Boulevard / Seven Bridges Road. Only a couple times Weather simply prohibited it.
You can almost feel the thing fold in on itself from across the marshes.
Look closely.
That water tower isn't so much supported on those crumbling legs as it is the center pipe or it would have toppled long ago.

Tonight Cold as a Booger. Didn't get out of truck.
Weather in Sunny Sky, Fading Sunset, or Black of night it is a special place. Standing just the right way on a moonlit night you feel like you are completely alone at the End of the World. It's calming.
Weather the last several months has radically changed the landscape and due to bridgework you cannot access the end till after 3 or so in the afternoon any way.
I have had the luxury of seeing wondrous things there and often just at dusk when their little curiosities are about, the Fox come out in numbers.

The beach sand at the end has shifted way inland over the marsh after the last two storms.
Two weeks ago I was out and the moon high and bright on the sand was fantastic!
The water was reasonably calm and the wind just a touch above timid.

The sand reflected and accentuated the brightness as if it was coming from below and not above.
I truly felt like I was walking through a world that Shimmered under the illumination of a light blue Glow Stick.

Be Well,