Forked River Mountain


Jan 30, 2009
Bamber Lake
I am sorry if I offended you. That was not my intent. I know your quote is still there, but I still felt compelled to delete my post. I only leave footprints and only take photos and memories out there. I sometimes say the wrong thing when I get passionate about the area I love. I just wish it could be preserved forever for all of us who love it so much to share it and enjoy it. Again I am sorry!!!
No worries and you did not offend me. Almost all the posted signs on both sides of Lacey Rd came from the hunting club. There are some gravel companies that own and/or lease in the area, but the posted land is the club's property. I just didnt want you or other members thinking that those guys are all jerks when in fact the ones I know are very friendly people. Again, happy trails.