Fossil and artifact hunting questions


Jan 15, 2013
Hi, everybody! Happy almost spring! I’ve been looking to get my middle son into an outdoor hobby we can do together, well, all three sons hopefully, but especially my middle one. He wants to be a paleontologist and is obsessed with dinosaurs, fossils, prehistoric stuff and history so we’re starting to get into fossil and artifact hunting. Done a little bit along the Mullica without any luck. We’re planning to go to Big Brook Nature Preserve in Colts Neck and back to some places up in Schuylkill County Pa I know of when we can get the schedule and weather to cooperate with each other. We also have reservations for two half day digs at American Fossil in Wyoming this summer on our way to Yellowstone. I was hoping to find something a little closer to home in the pines. Not sure about fossils but I’ve seen some posts here before about pine barrens artifact hunting. I’m a fisherman so I get that no one wants to advertise their honey hole but I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and maybe point me to a general area where I might have better luck. Thanks for reading my long post and any info!


Mar 6, 2016
Forked River
Big Brook has a lot of fossilized shark teeth, brachiopods, squid tentacles and scutes. I have taken my kids there many times. It is pretty cool to sift through the riverbed and find something that lived over 50 million years ago


Nov 5, 2008
Jersey Shore
Big Brook is the place to go. I have hundreds of sharks teeth's from that area. I have also found shark's teeth along the coast from Shark River South to Cape May. Crosswicks Creek in New Egypt has also given up Shark's teeth.


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
If your looking for indian artifacts the deep pines is not the place to go.They used the pines for a hunting ground but did not build villages there because they could not farm to get closer to the delaware river or bay or along major rivers and streams leading to those places that have arable land along them,flat and out of the flood plain.The indians basically liked waterfront real estate same as us when they could get it with cheap or no taxes