Friendship Creek Preserve - Tabernacle


Feb 8, 2004
Barringtonl, NJ
For my last hike of the year, I went to check out the Friendship Creek Preserve in Tabernacle on Irick's Causeway. No marked trails here, but I had a good time wandering about three miles around on old dirt roads and deer paths. Some nice swamps and forests.

Nothing spectacular, but it felt good to not have a trail map or blazes to follow for once.

More info and pictures-


Feb 22, 2013
Thanks for posting. That big No Trespassing sign off Powell Place/Sooy Place roads is very intimidating - many thanks for pointing out that it doesn't apply to the road itself, only the bordering lands.
Remember when Irick Causeway was open public lane from Sooy Place Rd to Tabernacle/Chatsworth Rd. Sigh.