Getting to Mount / Washington without a mudder vehicle or dirtbike?


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
That's cool. :cool: There was an Android app that turned your phone into a bluetooth GPS which I thought was cool, but at that time (few years ago) I don't recall seeing anything similar on iOS.
I was trying to follow the Tuckerton stage road using Barbara Solem’s guide, and got a few miles past Penn Swamp on Quaker Bridge Road before a deep rutted mud hole lined with logs and torn up fabric (possibly used for traction by someone else) made me turn back. I made it to Washington Turnpike on Penn Swamp Road without trouble, and helped someone in a Hyundai SUV get through the mud-rutted path around a flooded out portion nearly at the end by the Pike. My Outback does well, but it’s not a lifted offroad truck. I know its limitations, and I measured flood-outs with a hiking pole to test depth and if the ground was soft or solid beneath it. The spots I turned back at were over 10” deep and soft bottom, so bad news for me with only 10” clearance and hybrid tires (not knobby). It was fun trying. I turned around on the Pike and tried going up Mount Road and got another few miles before the paths AROUND the flooded out road were also flooded, soft, and deep. (See photos. First is from Penn Swamp on Quaker Bridge rd, second is from Wash Turnpike on Mount Road)
By then I was hungry and tired and a little disoriented as I had no signal on either Verizon or T-mobile and my iPad was not loading the offline map well.
I am going to try reaching it from Washington-Quaker road from the Washington Turnpike side next time. I thought I had taken it, but I took Mount Road by mistake. Which turns into “Devious Mount Road” and I learned why.
Has anyone driven it recently? I don’t mind walking, but without good spots to pull off the trail I don’t want to park and block it for anyone with a more capable vehicle.
I've been curious about trying to follow the stage road myself. Sounds challenging. I've got a Jeep Renegade Desert Hawk. It's got it's own GPS which is pretty good but not always accurate.