Great Falls in Paterson


Feb 12, 2021
Queens New York
I went to the Falls in Paterson on January of 2020.
Been years since I have last visited the site.
Very nice to look at any time of the year.





Not too cold that early afternoon last year.


Three miles away a nice pond near North Haledon.



And nearby a model railroad club open for their weekend public show.
I used NJ Transit rail stations at Paterson and Hawthorne to get there and return.
Very nice trip to hike and explore in Passaic County New Jersey.
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Feb 12, 2021
Queens New York
I did not know that there is a nice park near there called Mountain Reserve Park.
I wish to go back there to explore. Some nice trails I read about at that park.
I hope to return there this Spring with warmer weather and tree colors.

I have videos from my trip last year on my YouTube channel.

In my Garden State Model Club playlist labeled Paterson Falls.

And videos of the HO scale model layout for model train fans.
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Broke Jeep Joe

Mar 8, 2006
Waterford Twp
I did work many, many years ago in that building at the bottom of the falls in your pic. At the time, it had 4 large hydro-electric generators in it. My company sent me and 2 other techs to rebuild all 4 over the course of a few years, I believe the generators were made in Sweden or something, so getting parts was a challenge. We made most of them at our shop in Delanco, lot of back and forth driving. When you are inside the building and machines, what it takes time to realize is the river is almost level with the roof on the side against the hill, the intake/inflow of water is there, runs through at least 6 foot tubes into the prop of the generator for rotation, the exhaust/outflow are the large white doors at the bottom of the building. We had underwater welders seal the bottom and top intake and exhaust doors to disassemble the machines and not drown. Quite an ominous feeling when you are inside and can see the upper door trickling water through!!


Apr 2, 2005
Little Egg Harbor
Is the rock the falls are made out of Rhyolite? Or is it lava? I know there was volcanic activity up there at one time but forget if it's lava or metamorphosed granite?
It's mostly Basalt. I grew up about 2 miles from the falls and my grandfather used to take me there often. He was a stone mason, sent by his mother to apprentice in Italy while still a youth. He was a rock-hound as well and weekend trips to the falls would often include a visit to the New Street Quarry nearby, where the basalt was once quarried for traprock but a multitude of other specimens could be found, including geodes. I remember collectors being all over the place when we were there. I had less interest then than I do now and dearly wish I could turn back time.