Grow, grow, grow your boat...pumpkins on the water

M1 Abrams

May 4, 2023
Burlington County
I know that there are many here who are handy navigating a kayak or a canoe. However, I wonder if anyone here has tried to travel on any local waterways in something that they grew?

I recently came across a story of a man who set a new world's record by paddling down the Missouri River for eleven hours in a giant pumpkin.

One might be forgiven for thinking that this stunt of navigating currents with a curcubit was a one-off, but as Carnac the Magnificent might say: "You are wrong, Jack-o'-lantern breath!" There are no shortage of pumpkin paddlers, not only for solo record-breaking voyages, but also for competitive races. A quick check on YouTube revealed pumpkin racing events in Oregon, Maine, and New Hampshire. It's not just crazy Americans who apparently enjoy making a splash with a squash. Canada, the U.K., Germany, and Belgium have all run various types of pumpkin boat tournaments.

Many of these events also have motorized pumpkin divisions, but to me that seems to take a bit of the fun out of it.

A New Englander and pumpkin grower named Wayne Hackney seems to be the first to have taken to the waters with a pumpkin in 1996. One wonders if he ever imagined all of the worldwide goofiness he would inspire by that act.

Here is coverage of the Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Oregon:

Finally, here is a video of the Swedish Chef making pumpkin pie. It has nothing to do with pumpkin kayaking and therefore really has no logical reason to be included here. However, if you are looking for logic in a silly post about people in pumpkins, then my heart bleeds for you! Happy Halloween!