Guide to Amatol Munitions Factory Ruins.


Feb 13, 2021
Mays Landing
Hey, does anyone know the area of the Amatol Raceway and the ruins of the munitions factory there? LOL! Recently I went onto the raceway track in search of the munitions factory ruins. I admit I'm clueless! everyone seems to find them and I see the pictures, but I got there and I do not see where they would be in relation to the oval pathway of the track. I drove onto the "middle" road leading directly to the middle of the front part of the track. I thought there was a trail leading through the middle of the oval, but all I saw was a large ditch. Surely they are not inside of the oval track. I'm thinking they are located above the track, but what trail/road/path do I use to get to them? Thank you, signed clueless!


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Do you have a smartphone (or know somebody who has a smartphone)? Just bring it (and/or them) along and use the links I posted in your other thread, the BW LIDAR shows whatever is left pretty well and the app will show your position on the map.