Haunted Hammonton Hotel

During a visit "back home" about ten years ago we put up at the only place around the RT542 area, the Hammonton Ramada (formerly the Hammonton Inn I believe). We got our gear in to Room #127 and took turns getting freshened up. With the bathroom door open, in the mirror I noticed a black form, kind of soft and spikey and about 5" in diameter fly across the room at a good speed behind me. I figured someone had thrown it toward me to freak me out. No one said a word, and I didn't want anyone to think I was bugging out so I cautiously asked around, and yes my wife did see something fly by also but then vanish. A bit later my infant daughter made her stuffed animal talk and when the thing talked with a voice beyond h*ll, my hair stood up on end! Nedless to say, our group hastily grabbed our stuff and high-tailed it out of there. The innkeeper kindly gave us another room where our stay remained uneventful. He had not had any other reports of issues with this room or the hotel, but you never know. :rolleyes:


Oct 24, 2008
Sourland Mountains
Funny enough, the Hammonton Ramada recently became the Hammonton Inn, as they have a cloth sign hanging over the Ramada sign now. I don't remember it ever being the Hammonton Inn in the past, but I guess it's possible... back then Lombardi's (spelling?) sat in front of it too, but since then its burned down.

I've seen/heard some strange stuff in hotels a few times. I know some people that will even leave the bathroom light on because of experiences they've had.