Hear Tales of the Jersey Devil and Dancing Bandit Oct 23


Jan 22, 2007
Southern NJ
The Barnegat Silver Liners senior group will be hosting author, storyteller and musician Paul Evans Pedersen Jr. on Wednesday, Oct. 23, at 10 a.m. at the Barnegat Community Center at 900 West Bay Ave. in the municipal complex.
Pedersen will be discussing and reading from his latest work, The Legendary Pine Barrens: New Tales from Old Haunts, which his publicist, Marcella Dunham, said is “a new collection of dark and quirky stories inspired by South Jersey folklore.”
“The author introduces a rogue’s gallery of characters, running the gamut from offbeat explanations of natural phenomena to unconventional takes on popular legends,” she said.
Some of the subjects include the Jersey Devil, Dancing Bandit Joe Mulliner and the mysterious Blue Hole of Windsor.
Pedersen said his take on the Jersey Devil is not the traditional tale of his being the 13th child of Mother Leeds.
“My story is that he was the offspring of a pirate and a crazy woman who fell down a well,” said the 58-year-old author, who lives in Elm, located near Hammonton.
He said Joe Mulliner was a Tory who robbed people in the Pine Barrens during the Revolutionary War.
“After he robbed people, he and his gang would go into a tavern and Joe would hold everyone at gunpoint while he danced with the prettiest girl in the place,” said Pederson. “Joe was hung in 1781 in Burlington.”