Hiking Hammonton Lake Park and Smith Conservation Area

So I managed to misfile most of my pictures from this one, but a few months back, I took the kids hiking at Hammonton Lake Park in Hammonton. There are three trails there. Two are simply paved fitness trails (and nearly overlap the whole way), but the third is a nature trail that wanders into the adjoining Smith Conservation Area.

The trail in Hammonton Lake Park mostly follows the lakeside, which makes for some nice walking.

It then turns onto the road and follows it across the swamp, before heading back into the woods, now officially in the Smith Conservation Area (no separate parking area or way in other than hiking in). This area is more rugged and wild, and follows what appear to mostly be old woods roads through some stands of cedars and lots of pines until finally reaching the lake. It then works its way back to the road, where you backtrack to your car.

2.2 miles all told, with some variety in the terrain and some nice looks at the lake.




More info on the hike - https://southjerseytrails.org/2016/05/29/hammontonlake/