How I got strafed by a biplane in the Pine Barrens


Jul 4, 2011
Here is how i got strafed by a biplane. It wasn't on this day but close to it - this is the 1970's and i was borrowing some cranberries - just a little bit! - from a cranberry bog in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. A cropduster saw me and strafed me with bug spray or whatever they use. I got scared because i didn't know if it wld hurt my eyes so i quickly drove to a pond and jumped in to wash off. I thought about going to the police but then i thought that the chief of police was probably buddies with the bog owner and how am i gunna explain what i was doing there anyway...I was putting back canberries that i found lying around? And that was the one day i didn't have my anti-aircraft gun mounted on the top of my VW Beetle (which u can c off in t middle distance)! I never again left home without a portable missile launcher.


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