If tree falls in forest, developer will hear it

Piney Boy

Sep 19, 2005
Williamstown, NJ
I'll believe it when I actually see it in action. I live in Township and have watched for the last five years as the whole area has been converted into a strip mall. They want to do something, they should actively lobby to save and protect areas, not just try to levee fines after an irreprable action is taken. What do fines mean to the outrageously greedy land brokers who have fought to remove every green space available. They amount to less then a slap on the wrist.
They want to do something, they should try to save the 30+ acres behind Target and Lowes that has become a breeding ground for a really viable hawk population. Its an area that not only has this wildlife population, but is used recreationally by a dirt bike community. I watch families out there enjoying this little piece of woods, while every day it comes closer to being replaced by blacktop, steel, and asphalt. The For Sale sign stands, and I know its only a matter of time before it falls to another shopping center. Oh yeah, I guess they can hand out some fines when its all gone.