"Into the Unknown - The Jersey Devil"


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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Watched this on Discovery Plus yesterday, fun way to pass some time on a stormy evening. It is originally from the Travel Channel, might be available on other streaming services.

Several good "laugh out loud moments" and the whole premise is pretty ridiculous IMO, however there seem to be people who really believe this stuff. But it was pretty well photographed - lots of drone footage of the pines. Instead of a group of "dumb guys" like most of these shows have, this series is just one "adventurer and survivalist." He makes a big effort to show how tough he is by doing things like taking off his shirt and diving into a "blue hole" to explore the bottom or picking up a decayed carcass with his bare hands to make a "Jersey Devil trap".

In another scene he declares that his drone with an infrared camera will be the quickest way to find the devil, and about 10 seconds after he launches it he finds a black bear near his location! :bear: One guy he interviews has a theory that the JD is a prehistoric creature that travels throughout the pines in hidden underwater passages. Another "expert" tells him that the best place to find the Devil is the "Southwestern Pines", so he heads there to camp and search, the map they quickly show looks like it might be Belleplain.

Anyway, it was entertaining and the production values were pretty good in spite of the questionable premise.