Joshua Huddy

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    April 12, 1782:
    Captain Joshua Huddy was hanged. Huddy had been captured 20 days earlier when Associated Loyalists overwhelmed the Toms River block house he commanded and burned the village. Huddy's summary execution by the Loyalists was payback for the death in Patriot custody of Loyalist farmer Philip White. The Loyalist executioners left a note on Huddy's chest, "Up Goes Huddy for Phillip White." It was reported in a letter to General George Washington... that Huddy died calmly and bravely, declaring that he would "Dye [sic] Innocent, and in a good Cause." The next morning Patriots found Huddy's body hanging from the gallows; they cut it down and brought it to Freehold, where they buried him at Old Tennent Church.
    The small island in downtown Toms River that’s now Huddy Park was purchased for use as the park from Civil War Captain Ralph Gowdy, who is credited with planting the first cranberry bogs at Double Trouble Village. - The Toms River Times
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    If i remember, There is a stone in a park in the Atlantic Highlands were Huddy was hanged.