Kayaking on the Wading Again


Jul 4, 2011
That was 9/15/2012. Ten years ago next month we met.

Yeah that was really good, the last time I've been back east. I got caught right smack in the middle of Hurricane Sandy!

Are the fire towers still there? If they are they must be all locked down.

Years before I remember climbing up a fire tower in the Catskills mountains (Rip Van Winkle country - I spent a lot of time up there) in NY - they were still manned then - and I spoke to the ranger and I said I'd like that job. I always loved the outdoors. I even briefly considered taking forestry in college. Then, years later, I found out that one of my ancestors had been a forest ranger in Europe. I remember another camping trip in 1982 - we climbed up another unmanned fire tower - I forgot exactly where - not very far from Batsto - camped out a few days then. Camping out in the Barrens was always great, waking up to the sound of the whippoorwills, my friend the Jersey Devil keeping me safe at night.

Guy impressed me with his sand driving skill - best I've ever seen!
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