Legends of Hanover Furnace


Dec 23, 2004
Charleston, WV
I am an archaeologist working on compiling a folk history of Hanover Furnace, a "forgotten town" of South Jersey located within what is now Fort Dix. There are several tales of the Jersey Devil being sited there, as well as a certain "Jerry Munyhon." I'm particularly interested in hearing ANY tales or specific VERSIONS of standard tales, who told them to you, and even more so, if anyone has alleged links to those who may have lived or worked in the town.
I did a little research. You may already know this. In "Pine Barrens Legands & Lore", byWilliam McMahon, there is a brief chapter about the legand of Jerry Munyhon. I bought the book about a year ago so it should still be available.


Edit-- Boyd beat me to it.