Looking for an old film on the Jersey Devil...


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Sep 21, 2007
san francisco, CA
I have searched high and low, and it may not exist at all. When I was a boy I lived in Medford, NJ for a little while and saw this amazing and terrifying 16mm film in class about the Jersey Devil. I am currently working on a project about that time in my life and would like to track down a copy of it in any way possible. Back then there still wasn't a hockey team, and the creature seemed like a very local phenomenon. Those woods around Medford probably arent still like they were when I explored them, but they were a magical place for me and finding that film would help me alot.

The name of the film is beyond my recall but it was made in the seventies (my viewing took place around 1982) and it began with a reinactment of some fishermen being harassed by the monster. From there there were reinactments of the birth and some incredibly haunting pictures of a captured kangaroo. Im sure my memories are exagerated but some of the still images from that film can not be found in either of the McCloy/Miller books.

If anyone out there can help me I would be extremely grateful and hapily show you the resulting work. I understand that, of all the folklore from that incredibly rich region, the Jersey Devil is the most mainstream of the bunch. For me though, it is a very important story.

Please help if you can...

p.s. I would be happy to read other books on the area, reccomendations are very welcome.


Nov 8, 2004
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There is a Jersey Devil film that sounds like you what you are describing. It is called "Mother Leeds 13th Child" I think. Anyway, it used to be available at the Medford Pinelands library. They had it on VHS converted from16mm I guess.