Lost Towns of the Pine Barrens Tour

Sarah Fox

New Member
Feb 9, 2016
Join Bob Thomas this SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13th for a rare opportunity to visit the sites of several abandoned towns deep within the Pine Barrens, and to learn what led to their demise. Our tour down and back will take historic and scenic back roads with stops at buildings and sites important to the area’s history. We’ll conclude with a moonlit walk on our return, with a warm dinner on the way home at a local hostelry, along with a discussion of the efforts to preserve the Pine Barrens. Trip fee includes the Parks Alliance’s full hiker’s breakfast, with a chance to review the leader’s library of books, maps and publications about the Pines, and the guided hike through remote wilderness areas, but not lunch nor dinner. Transportation will be via car pools—participants are asked to share expenses.

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