Mega-Stores coming to Medford Crossings


Jan 23, 2003
Manchester Twp. NJ
My first wife's brother lived in Marietta, and we visited several times in the mid 80's. the highway construction was lightning fast. One year you had to cross about 6 lanes of I-85 heading north to get to the West Paces Ferry road exit. The next year there was a tunnel. (I might be off on the exact road #'s and names, it has been 20 years since I've been there.)

I've lived most of my life in TR (save for a few years as a tv news guy in NEPA) and the changes here haunt me. Rt 37 was a two lane road (Locust St) now its 6 lanes divided. the only traffic back then was when Lakehurst and Ciba (or Toms River Chemical Corp as it was known then) let out at 4 p.m. the rest of the time 37 was a vacant stretch of concrete. Drives my wife crazy when I start talking about it. At one time she was reading a novel set in Montana, and that was her response. "Montana."

But at my age, with 4 kids and a good state job, moving isn't really an option at the moment, though I would love to make the escape. So who knows...