Merry Christmas !

What kind of dog is that Max? What are the circumstances to your getting Him/Her?
He is A Pembroke Welshe Corgi Bob. He won't get very big I looked up Corgi and it means Dwarf dog, I think he will eventually weigh about 26 LBS. My wife decided to suprised me with him last night. I had lost my faithful Dog of many years this past summer.I thought that it would be hard to ever become attached to another pup but he is proving that wrong. My kid's decided to call him Wharton because they know we will be spending alot of time out there together. His breed is suppose to be great with kid's and very smart and so far it all seem's to be correct.
My Mother just sent me this, It is me in 1978 I am Bub's age


Feb 20, 2004
Pestletown, N.J.
maxwellandson said:
My Mother just sent me this, It is me in 1978 I am Bub's age

I like that flat screen TV in the background! Kids today have no idea what a TV looked like 30 years ago.
Good luck with the new pup. You got to have a dog in the woods.
We are currently raising a very headstrong male springer that we got in October.
He loves the woods and I am trying to introduce him to swimming right now.
I had him flopping around in a shallow creek yesterday but he is still a little hesitant.
I am going to work with him this week by putting on my waders and trying to get him to come to me in the water.


Jul 29, 2003
That video made me laugh so hard I woke up my husband. And the cats. And probably my neighbors. The shot of the tiny speck in the snow that turns out to be his ears when the camera zooms in just slays me.

What kind of GPS did Santa bring you?

Magellan Triton (400); it's a similar model to the one my guru owns. I told Santa the learning process would be simpler this way, if he would only stuff one down my chimney. I've spent the better part of the past three days trying to install software, getting everything to talk to each other (I'm also hoping this GPS model speaks to me, in a sexy female voice, Turn right at that pine tree, hunk!), and I've finally got Mr. Triton chock-full of barren maps (and aerials!). Mr. GPS (aka Alfie) and the neophyte will hit Wharton in the morning.

That dog video is a trip, Sue. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your pup looks like a trip, Chuck! We'll probably entertain the thought of another dog here soon; one qualified to come sniff out and save my lost self (and GPS) from deep within the heart of the barrens.



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Sep 17, 2002

Congrats on the new GPS. I will be out in Wharton tomorrow morning so keep an eye out.