Mischief Night Ghost hunt


Sep 7, 2005
That really nasty crazy sound could be a fox. I know, that sounds kind of crazy but I've seen it myself several times and it WILL scare the piss out of you when you hear it. Sounds insane.
Not to jump on this thread but I can add to this...
A fox makes a most baleful and inhuman sound/bark that will take the nerve out of a hardened man in the blackness of night. Simple as that. Chances are, that was your huckleberry. You get used to it back this way but it still sounds awfull. I do know a feline that staired that bark in the face and stayed the course though.

Oct 5, 2007
LARGO the only stipulation I have is that you have to sneak a peek at the pics I put up. Sorry they are not easily seen here, but I've always had problems uploading 10-12 pics and having 3-4 show up. That's why my last upload was so long ago, and the ones from last week make no sense.
Everyone is not on Facebook, so I put them on Photobucket. If you can google search my username britheflyersguy & you'll find me, or click the half-assed link I put up. I love reading the posts after I was done. So much history that 'little' patch of wood we all love, I want to go at it with a little different angle. Hence the ghost angle. Keep talking about this, I'm interested in what you guys are saying...