Modern History


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Jan 9, 2024
Tucson, AZ
In my travels around South Jersey over the years, I have come across many interesting glimpses into the not too distant past of SJ. One would be the Atlantic City Convention Center. This is a case of "we never throw anything away". I have seen such things as a large scale model of the addition that was added to the original building, basically stuffed into a corner somewhere and forgotten. Also, an old control room, unused for decades, looking like someone just shut off the lights and closed the door. How about old bank buildings. I have found customer correspondence from the 1960's, sitting in piles in the basement or old calendars, civil defense supplies, and Christmas ornaments. One of the most unusual finds was in Camden, at an older bank building. In the back room, sitting on a metal shelf, more than a dozen hand written ledgers from the 1800's, just taking up space. How about another bank which was once a mansion back in the day. On the second floor, furniture, fireplaces, newspapers, and books. One book was a book of minutes from a certain railroad that operated in the area in the 1800's. This doesn't even scratch the surface of what is laying around collecting dust, but is an important and interesting look at South Jersey from back in the day.