More mountain lion sightings


Sep 14, 2008
atlantic county
I met up with a friend of mine yesterday. When I pulled up to Quaker Bridge, here he was walking away from the bridge with a two foot sasquatch in his arms. His sister from North Carolina bought a few and one wound up on his doorstep the other day. They are having a "contest" where they are seeing who can take the best picture of the beast in unusual situations. He had it standing on Quaker Bridge with a fishing hat on its head and a fishing pole in its "paws". We set it near a small log and took this picture.

Sorry, couldn't resist!

But back on track. I did not do that to take away from the current thread. It just seemed to fit in where the conversation was going.

Why can't a cougar or two be in the pines? I was down the shore over the summer and saw a pelican. Isn't that just as strange? Or the whale or sharks they found way up the Hudson River? Or the numerous other animals that have been found outside of their natural habitats? It happens. After all there was a guinea pig found on Carranza Rd. If Ed didn't find her and someone else saw her away from her pile of shavings, would that spark the theory that there was a population of guinea pigs running wild in Wharton?


Dec 12, 2009
Pinelands Cougar



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Jan 3, 2010
collings lakes
Doubting Thomas's,

I have uploaded photos of the elusive Pinelands Cougar to my album. Check them out! Also a couple shots of tracks.

very cool!!!! nice to see some one got a pic of the cat....however, i think the tracks might be a very large dog or coyote. cat prints usually don't include the nails....but, then again i'm no expert.
cat print.jpg picture was taken in 2008 while yaking along the Batsto River between Quaker Bridge and Batsto Lake. The foot print next to the cat's is a child's wearing those jellie shoes
Please excuse me, for I mistakingly wrote "tens of thousands" when I should have written "tens of millions". I "seen" on Discovery that the largest snake yet found is from tens of millions of years ago...fossilized of course.

Further more, if a living forty foot snake has never been documented, I highly doubt that one of that length was freely slithering across NJ for someone in a truck to run over. I guess it must have vanished, never to be seen again.

Feel free to be skeptical of me for possessing a higher "acedemic" degree, but as it is not in the history of the snake, it doesn't really matter.


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
Ross Allen verified a 36 ft reticulated python skin back in the early 70's but they later unqualified skins from breaking records because they can be stretched without being able to prove it so the skin may have been stretched.also the brooklyn zoo for decades had a standing 50,000 dollar reward to anyone who could bring either a live or dead snake 40 ft long or over for was never collected.
yes there were snakes that have been fossilized that are much bigger then anything we have today.the age is debatable but the size is verifyable.
Discovery did state on page two of the article that what was found of the snake, named Titanoboa cerrejonensis, was in fact fossils. Titanoboa cerrejonensis was 42 to 45 feet long and dates back 58 to 60 million years. The article then explains that this breaks the previous record by eleven feet of a creature that lived about forty million years ago. In contrast to your source, Discovery News claims the largest living snake ever found was thirty feet long. So, there would have to be a living snake found that is one-third greater in length than the one already discovered to make forty feet. Seems far fetched to me, but believe what you wish. I believe in Sasquatch far greater than I believe in a living forty foot snake, which I'm well aware could start a whole new discussion.
Don't worry, I'm not riled, just enjoy a good heated discussion.


Sep 14, 2008
atlantic county
Haha, that picture is pretty awesome.

You should see the one of him fishing off the bridge. If I can get ahold of it, I will post it!

Back on track though.

Where are we at with the mountain lion sightings? I KNOW I saw a couple near Millville. There were two other cars that pulled over and I wasn't by myself.

Is it possible? YES!

Is there a whole pride (?) of mountain lions? Probably not.
damkayaker posted some pretty sweet pics of a cougar a few postings back. Looks cool.
Seems like we got a few hunkering around here. I'm sure there's not twenty of them setting up camp, but is still exciting.

If you find the pick of a fishing Sasquatch that would be incredible gipsie!