Mount Korbar?


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Oct 25, 2002
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Here you go Ed! How are you by the way?



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Jul 31, 2004
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Interesting, had forgotten about this old thread. It is also shown on my Map of New Jersey (, however the name is "Kobar" instead of "Korbar". I looked at my sources, and "Kobar" comes from the file of waypoints that Guy sent me in 2008. So this is a typo that I will try to remember to update in the next version of my map. :)



Jan 2, 2003
My only reference to KorBar is from post #14 in this thread. See the highlites in the origional post which did not copy over.

"I can answer the question about Mount Korbar! I always knew it as Tea Time Hill as well.

The sign was indeed put up by the State within this decade, to honor the two men who bushwhacked, laid out and created the original 30 miles of the Batona Trail in 1961-- Walter Korszniak (my father) and Morris Bardock, both members of the Batona Hiking Club of Philadelphia. The sign periodically goes missing, but I'm glad to see the photo of it, as I've never seen it in person myself. Last time I was there the sign was nowhere to be seen.

Walt Korszniak lived in Moorestown, NJ until his death in 1990, and Morris Bardock is still alive and currently living in Collingswood, I believe. I was a child when they were creating the trail, and I remember my father taking us out there while they were doing it. Morris Bardock was the one who decided on the pink color for the trail blazes.


Jul 20, 2003
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I always referred to that hill as 139 because of the elevation on the topo.The only Kobar I ever heard of was the Kobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that I spent my last three weeks in before coming home.Four years after I left they were blown sky high in a terrorist attack.I take it Westerners (infidels)were still staying in them. I sincerely hope no one blows up this hill,it is a right purty place.


I don't know why that article caught my eye, but once I read it, I thought I knew exactly where that little hill was. So I pulled up my Map Source software and sure enough, I had waypointed that hill on a thru hike last year. I didn't see the signs though - that gives me an excuse to head out there again. The segment from Apple Pie Hill to Batona Camp is my favorite Batona segment.

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Alas, he did use a good outdoor glue when he made the sign -- the glue held to the paint, but he used the wrong kind of paint, and didn't use a primer. You can't tell from this picture, but the letters actually took the paint with it when they fell off. People are bringing the bits and pieces of the sign to my brother as they find them on the ground, and apparently there is a new sign in the works. The letters will either be carved out, or screwed in this time!

Mt Korbar

I saw a new sign on MT Korbar on our first hike there this year. Too bad they didn't use an outdoor glue, the letters are falling down around the base of the tree.

We also found a nice pair of prescription sun glasses on the trail.