Multiple "Then and Nows"


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Sep 17, 2002

I promised a new Then and Now photo, and I was able to come up with 4 of them for you. I took my daughter out driving today and we traveled to Apple Pie Hill for one of the photo's and to Bamber Lake for the others.

This photo shows the Apple Pie Hill parking lot in 1975 and today. As I have mentioned before you can see the building and the telephone poles that were there then in the photo on the left, and in todays photo on the right you can only see the foundation of the building. There is a woman sitting on the wooden fence in the right photo. They have installed a wind gauge which blocks the view partially, and I should have moved down one tier to take the photo, but there was a large group of individuals hiking who were about to climb the tower, so I rushed it.

This photo shows the Bamber Lake bridge in 1978 and today. It is obvious that the today photo should have been taken later in the day when the sun was in the proper location.

Here is another view.

And this shows the sign that was there then on the left, and the present day sign on the right. Exactly the same text except the "Thank You ???" in the bottom right of the left photo.

While there I did this three photo panoramic view from the bridge.

I am going to add other photo's to my gallery from Bamber Lake, so check there for more.


Ben Ruset

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Oct 12, 2004
Monmouth County
Even if you don't put a copyright notice on your photos, they're covered by copyright law as soon as you push the shutter button. Putting some sort of watermark on the image makes it easier for you to identify pictures if someone else decides to steal them for their own website or print them or something.