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Oct 25, 2002
Pines; Bamber area
This seems like it would be a good read. Have any of you read it?

I was 17 in 1971, and remember how much I was into music at the time. It got me thinking of albums that made an impression on me, for one reason or another:

The first album I ever received was the debut album by Steppenwolf. Rather than the hits on the album, I liked the other songs better: Berry Rides Again, and A Girl I knew.

The next album that made a solid impact on me was Led Zeppelin II. I hitchhiked (as usual) from Presidential Lakes to the Mall up 38 on the left side (I can't remember the name now!) to buy it. That album was just what I needed at the time!

And, for my 17th(?) birthday, my older brother gave me the Who's album "Live at Leeds". Oh my!

There were many others, of course, but those made the most impact. The album that has received the most play from me is Nick Drake's Bryter Layter. I picked it up 10 years after it was released on an impulse--I had no idea who he was. But, if I had to listen to an album on a deserted Island forever, this would be it. I never tire of it.


Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
Levon Helm fans, the Barn is back. If you've never been, you should.


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