N.J. Pinelands, a protected jewel, still faces threats

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    Have you read the article in today's Courier Post on the Pinelands? It pretty much tell you what the NJCF and most likely the PPA are going for.

    Did you read the article in the Courier Post on the Pinelands? The last few paragraphs pretty much tells you what theNJCF and the PPA are expecting to happen.

    “We still have a good, solid management plan with integrity in the Pinelands,” Byers said. “With the election, we have an opportunity to have a green governor — no matter which party wins — who would stand up for the plans and rules already in place to protect the Pinelands.

    “These regional plans are so important to the future of the state,” she said. “Without them being upheld, we will lose a lot in natural resources and quality of life.”

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    A Jolly Green Governor? We already have a Giant White One.
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