Nesco Fire House


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Sep 17, 2002

On my way to Green Bank today, I passed the Nesco firehouse and was
shocked to see that it had burned down. The brick building was still
intact, but all of the insides and many of the fire trucks, including
an antique one were destroyed. I talked to two young men there who
informed me that at 1:30 AM last night the call came in with smoke
coming out of the doors. By the time anyone was able to get there most
of the equipment was destroyed. The trucks that were saved were driven
right through the door because the fire was electrical in nature and
had disabled the door openers. One large truck behind the building was
completely destroyed also

The antique vehicle.

Here is a quick panoramic view. Firehouse1.jpg


Despite the damage, the fire company had something to tell their
residents. Sorry it is a little blurry, I was rushed.