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For 2002 aerial photo views of locations in New Jersey, check out the
following new site imagery provided on the internet by the New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection. Go to the website indicated in
the announcement below, click on "Go to Launch Page," and click on
"Launch i-Map NJ DEP." Click on your location of interest within a
county as accurately as you can. Each click brings you in closer. On
the seventh click zooming in, the map is replace by an aerial photo
view. If you are familiar with the general area, you should recognize
the area covered by the photo. To move to your target location, click
on the "Pan" tab at the top of the page, move the pan icon over the
photo, left click down and hold, drag the image in the desired
direction, then release the left click. When the image fills in, go
back up to the top of the page, click on the "Zoom in" tab, move back
the image, and click on the target area. Each click will zoom you in
closer until you loose resolution. Click on the "Zoom out" tab at the
top, then zoom back out to where you want to be. These are the very
basics of how to get an aerial image from 2002 of your target location.
There are many data layers you can add to the aerial image by clicking
the square along the left margin of the page, then clicking "refresh
map" at the top of the Data Layers column. Click a data layer item in
the list to learn what is depicted. Want to know more? Explore the
help topics and tutorials. (Here's the announcement
for the DEP Bureau of Geographic Information Systems:

Michael L. Gregg
Historic Preservation Specialist
Historic Preservation Office
PO Box 404
Trenton NJ 08625-0404
phone 609 633 2395, fax 609 984 0578,

New i-Map Release!!! Thanks to the efforts of the Bureau of Geographic
Information Systems (BGIS), DEP released a new interactive mapping
application on the internet, i-MapNJ DEP. i-MapNJ DEP provides the
best and most current versions of DEP's Geographic Information System
(GIS) environmental data from a variety of programs. Updated Category
One Waters and Landscape (version 2.0) data layers are included in
i-MapNJ DEP. For the first time the new 2002 imagery is also presented.
This imagery provides the clearest view of ground features yet posted
the State of New Jersey. The application can be reached from the BGIS
homepage (


Mar 31, 2003
Nugentown NJ
Thanks for the heads up we use this at work and it’s a lot easier than downloading each image. If you look at the road heading north from Lake Oswego you will see the smoke from a control burn.