North Branch Preserve - Pemberton


Feb 8, 2004
Barringtonl, NJ
I got out of work early last Friday, so I went home, grabbed the kids, and headed to Pemberton to check out this trail system.

Right off the bat - it's rough. The first hundred yards or so of trail are a bit overgrown (this gets MUCH better afterward, as you hit an old road), the markers aren't always in helpful locations, like at trail splits, and there are few illplaced blowdowns. But we found the remains of some old buildings, there are few nice peeks at the North Branch of Rancocas Creek, and it was just a beautiful day to be out in the woods.

Also, my older one dressed up like a farmer for some reason.

It was a short one, only 1.1 miles, but was way better than being at work :)

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