Not Your Pickerel Pines

Two really good head-on hits I 'm still here, with just contusions and big black and blues after the events. When you can't react quickly enough, seat/shoulder belts work.

Seeing that British racing green crumpled still pains me, even tho I've seen it before!
Note how those older cars were METAL and absorbed the energy of impact instead of transmitting it to the flesh and bone inside.


Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
Or baked beans. I ate them leaning against my car today before hiking.

I have cut out all cholesterol except for one of the meals my wife cooks any day. I had an infection around the bone in my front tooth and had to have it removed, and during the testing my Endodontist saw blockage in my carotid arteries. A ultrasound found one to be possibly 70 percent blocked. Now on statins. Because of the odd location of the tooth next to the one removed, and now one missing, the plan is for me to be a teenager again and get Invisalign braces. Pull that one tooth over and align the rest to fill in the huge gap. I have to wear them 23 hours a day for 6 months. That should start in a couple months maybe. They glue little tabs onto all of your teeth and the braces snap in and are replaced every so often with different ones. The problem is the tooth next to the one pulled is loose because the bone disintegrated with the infection. Now I may have to have surgery to have the bone seeded and hopefully that works or all plans are off.
getting ready to lose three more top teeth myself.Their all loose because of preidontal disease.The dentist had a 16,000 dollar plan to save my mouth including partial bridges,root canals and possibly another lunar landing module.I have decided to uncomplicate things .As soon as my last matching molar falls out and i can no longer chew I"m getting the rest of the top teeth pulled and getting false teeth.I can flip them out at little kids and scare them like the old folks used to do to me.I wonder if my typing will start sounding funny with no top teef?
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Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
6er, looks like you are lucky to be here in both cases! Question, was that mustang 2 a mach 1? I notice the rockers are painted black and it looks factory and it has the simulated watered down 4 lug magnum 500ish wheels on it! I had a 78 mach for a short period of time, 302 4 speed car, it was mere shadow of its former brothers! Also notice the capri in the pic!

Yes, a '74 I think. Prior to that I had a '71 Mach 1 with the 351 Cleveland which was stolen, never recovered. I traded my '68 GT350 for it :rolleyes: Hindsight is a terrible thing. The poor Capri was at a stop sign, although a bit too far past it to be safe. That driver was very lucky, it is in the color picture as well. Had one of those as well, 4 cyl and great fun to drive.

Toothy Critter

My first guess was East Creek, because of the ratio of catch, but...

Toothy Critter

Pickle Pond I believe is state now as well??? Hows the fishing there?

You'll get more than some 10" ers in that place :eek: East Creek too... that's why I doubt if they were either of the spots... They got some nice hungry critters in them ponds


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Sep 17, 2002
For the last 27 years, me and a group of friends and co-workers have been doing a freshwater fishing trip on Good Friday. We have only cancelled 2 or 3 in 27 years for weather or other reasons but for the last ten years or so, it has just been me and few people in my old 18' jon.
Reasons ? People are too busy, or it's too cold, or it might rain, or it's too windy, or it's too close to Easter, blah, blah, blah.

I am not one to let traditions die and today, I am glad I went. We fished a southern reach of the Pinelands National Reserve with pristine woods and waters surrounding us.
Me and one co-worker caught over 30 fish today, many of which were skinny, 10" pickerel but I was able to hoist three nice bass and a slab crappie. All of the above were quickly returned to their aquatic home. We also boated six nice yellow perch and I am not sorry to say, I only practice filet and release on those tasty critters. :)

A cold beer, some hot oil in my old cast iron pan and lightly seasoned yellow perch filets crackling away in the pan and the day was peacefully complete.

Jessica captured a nice fish this past week in Vermont. She struggled quite a bit pulling it in.