Older Garmin GPSrs


Sep 14, 2008
atlantic county
I have a few older version GPSrs. Garmin 45. Etrex Legend and an Etrex Vista (1st editions). They are sitting in storage and I am ready to pull them out to sell them. They are all 3 black and white. One of the etrex models has a problem with the back light (not sure which yet, but will check). They all work, but use a serial port instead of a USB if you want to hook them up to the computer. But it is not necessary. You can input coordinates into all of them and at least the two etrex's have track log capability. If you have a serial cable you can load either street or topo maps into them.

I sell at Delarados flea market on the weekends and am going to put them out there in the next week or two, but I figured I would give you guys a shot at them first.....