Oswego River Conditions

Toothy Critter

Sep 16, 2016
I constantly refer the "Water Watch" because I like to keep abreast as to conditions for fishing trips. The Oswego gauge is one that I find perplexing. It has been showing extremely low readings of late. After heavy rains, it improves but then rapidly declines within a week. I remember when the rains wiped out the bridges over the Batsto and Mullica a few years back, and then with the approach of Hurricane Sandy the Governor ordered all dams lowered in anticipation of heavy rainfall. In the case of Stafford Forge I know the dam level has never been restored back to pre-Sandy, but perhaps the dams in Harrisville were changed recently ? IDK , just speculating, Also the people at Franklin Parker have been screwing with the river in their park, and I was told that one of their dams broke already (from the Duck Unlimited project), so I don't know if that is a factor either.