Toothy Critter

I have camped there several times. On par with most places in So. Jersey except hiking trails go right thru some sites and around others. Little too noisy for my liking but for the family, you should be fine. Depends on what kind of "camping" you like or do. So, choice of your site is the main factor,.

Zach McGarvey

Feb 11, 2018
Woodbury / Vineland NJ
New member here, but not new to South Jersey. Have lived here since 1990, grew up and went to school in Vineland, now living closer to Philadelphia, but still spend plenty of time in the woods. I can say Parvin is a great place to camp for the most part-- once in a while you'll have a group blasting loud music but otherwise harmless. Bring a bicycle if you have one, nice trails for an easy laid back ride around the lake. Parvin will sometimes be crowded on summer weekends, but usually pretty much deserted during the week. If you live down that way, I would also suggest Belleplain SF for camping. My favorite places to camp in South Jersey are in Wharton, but they aren't family friendly where you can pull your vehicle up to the site.