Pemberton Rail Trail


Feb 8, 2004
Barringtonl, NJ
Did this trail yesterday in the rain, good times!

It's 1.6 miles one way from the old Pemberton Train Station on Hanover Ave through to Birmingham Ave. It's an odd trail through, in that it makes a "Y". The south branch of the Y starts at the Stavola Beechwoods Preserve behind Clark's Canoes and meets up after a mile. Turned it into a nice 3.8 mile hike by cutting through Pemberton to join the tops of the Ys together.

I love looking for leftovers from the railroad as I walk, was plenty to see too.

They are supposed to connect this with Smithville at some point, then take it all the way to the Delaware River via the Kinkora Railroad right of way. Hopefully that happens at some point, it'd be pretty great.

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