Pine Barrens Cemetery outing- July 27

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    I'm leading this outing for members of my group on Yahoo, but anyone that is interested can come along.
    The following is the text of my latest update of the announcement I made to my group.
    All are welcome and anyone can bring friends too, that is, if
    they are interested. Bring whatever you want- camera, camcorder, or
    whatever. And bring whatever you usually use to protect yourself
    against ticks, and also biting flies such as Strawberry Flies and
    what have you. There is one place where I expect both ticks and
    biting flies. We will be walking through some brush to that one. Also
    bring either food or money, because we will probably stop around noon
    or 1 at a Wawa or something, for sandwiches or whatever.
    We will be meeting at the Batsto/Pleasant Mills Cemetery, on 542
    right near Batsto. I say be there about 10:15-10:30 am. I should have
    us all back to that point by 4 or 4:30 so that people can get home
    again for supper. As many people as want to can
    drive their own vehicles, but it might be good to double up a little
    and ride with others, just to save a little gas. You can bring a
    regular car, because we will be sticking to paved roads, and hard,
    wide and dry dirt roads. So nobody has to worry about getting stuck
    or scratching their paint.
    I think I've got some pretty interesting cemeteries in mind. I will
    be pointing out grave markers of interest, and plants and trees and
    will tell some history and talk about interesting people buried in a
    couple of them.
    I think I've pretty much covered everything, but if I've left
    anything out, ask me.
    If you need to e-mail me, it's