Port Republic Trails - Bog Trail and Peninsula Trail

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    Apologies for no posts then a million posts, getting caught up on trail reviews today...

    My dad passed just before Thanksgiving, so I took a day at the end of the month to take the oldest kid hiking. We opted for the Port Republic Trails. We'd done the Mill Pond Loop in the Spring, so we decided on the trails off of Indian Cabin Road this time around.

    Managed a 4 1/4 mile hike without covering everything. Beautiful lake views, some really nice cedar swamps, and lots of classic pine barrens scenery. Only draw backs are highway noise from the Garden State Parkway and having to be careful during hunting season (we went on a weekday, no hunters... or anyone else... out).

    Poor parking job:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Trail review and more pictures:
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    Sorry to hear about your dad. Your son should remember him which is nice. Jessica was 1 when my dad died. The day after the funeral we took her to see my mom and she ran to my dads chair and was shocked to not see him. The look on her face was tough on my mom.

    A few months to live.

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