Property Stone (I think)


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Feb 16, 2018
Medford, NJ
Hi. Lurked for years and finally registered. Walked through the woods for years and saw big stones around old farm fields and always assumed they were moved from the field by the farmer but had no purpose. Then saw a thread from Teegate about survey stones.

Anyway, saw an old stone a few days ago while walking in the woods and I think it is a survey stone. I'm afraid to give specifics in case someone reads this thread and then causes mischief. I didn't try and pull the original survey for the property but the current day property line matches up exactly where I "found" this stone. Just wondering if you think this could be a survey stone. The owner of the lands initials were JE and he would have bought/inherited the property about 1810.


Great forum you have here. Thanks.

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Sep 17, 2002
I agree with MuckSavage. Well done keeping the info quiet. There are individuals who in the past have searched them out. In any event, I agree it is most likely a property stone. If you can't come up with info or want more I can try and help you as best I can. Send me a Private Message(Conversation). If you have enough info try and see if there are more. If it is along the Wharton property I am pretty certain I can help you.