Puzzling find on a trail


Feb 18, 2017
Bass River State Forest
I know people here are good at stuff like this, and enjoy a good mystery.

I found this box on a trail, on a boardwalk that crosses a cedar swamp. I looked it up. It's a "Lee's Kritter Keeper", size small. People buy them to keep bugs or small animals, or to transport them. You can fill it with water for fish, although it isn't meant as an aquarium, or it can be used dry, or with some water.

This is how it looked when I found it in the morning:

I checked to make sure it wasn't something left by park service, unlikely as that is, and went back later in the day to fetch it. But...

First, it had moved from where it was before. Second, the water was gone. OK, maybe it leaked out, but I didn't see any water on the wood. Third, and most puzzling, that gray object to the right of the "dish" was gone.

Any guesses about what that gray thing inside is?

Do you think someone used this box to release a creature into the swamp? Why would they leave the box there?
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Sep 17, 2002
Could someone else have found it and taken the item? Basically, do others travel that path often?