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Jul 31, 2004
Ben's Branch, Stephen Creek
Not much of a "trip", but this seems like the best place to post it... Driving down Hunters Mill Rd near Halberton recently, I noticed what looked like a sheer "cliff" barely visible through the heavy tree cover on the North side of the road. I figured it was just more of the spoils from nearby mining operations and didn't think much about it. Out for a morning drive today, I decided it was worth a quick look.

It's got to be one of the steepest hills I've seen in South Jersey, over a forty foot rise adjacent to the road - really reminded me of what bad shape I'm in! The last 10 feet were especially steep, and I managed to stumble and fall right on my face (in the soft leaves) when I reached the "summit".



Here's a picture from the road looking towards the hilll, but the foliage is so dense you can't really tell what you're looking at.


If you look at the 3d view in my link and rotate the map, you'll see that a road spirals around that hill. Apparently it's just a big pile of spoils from the large pit South of the road? It is shown on the USGS 24k topo, but not the 1949 topo. I only spent a few minutes, everything is so heavily forested, there didn't immediately appear to be any scenic vistas from the top of the hill. Again, the photo doesn't show much.


There's probably more to be seen but it's private.



It's interesting how this location is right where it says "Halberton" on the 24k Topo. But we have an old thread on Halberton, and it was apparently North of the railroad tracks.

To avoid another mishap, I took a section of that spiral road back down the hill. :D
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Oct 25, 2002
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Reminds me. Here in Barnegat where they are constructing the cottages, they had to move an entire hill to make way for the new cottages. Here's my grandson who scrambled up it. He had some misgivings when he turned to go down. Something I've done more than once.

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Jul 20, 2003
millville nj
My cousin with me in the vehicle tried to climb the front of that hill with his bronco.He got the front wheels over the lip but couldn't get the back over because one front tire was off the ground spinning.They used to have bonfries on top with people driving around the back and watch and cheer the knuckleheads trying to climb the front.Occasionally one would make it. That was in the 80's.used to be an old man in a pick up in the day that would patrol the sand plant property and he would run folks off but at night you were usually left alone.
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