Rehash on the Barriers


Mar 24, 2004
Coastal NJ
From the article;
Jason Howell, stewardship coordinator for the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, said the alliance is glad DEP is taking "essential steps" in stemming the tide of damage.

"This first project has only addressed several out of a total of 220 damaged sites, but we are hopeful that the DEP now recognizes the seriousness of this issue and will work with us and other groups to reduce and prevent further loss to scenery and habitat on public land," he added.

Anyone know if the PPA had any part in this project?

Jason Howell

Nov 23, 2009
From the article;

Anyone know if the PPA had any part in this project?

We submitted the project proposal on February 12th of last year. Our submission contained more sites than were addressed, but it's definitely a start. The process certainly took some time and I suspect it may not have happened at all without Terry. Hopefully, more can be done in time, but the assessment from DEP was that they can only do a few of these per year. All in all this is a good step, and the volunteers did great work.


Site Administrator
Sep 17, 2002
There are many restrictions on when this can happen so we all must be patient while Terry does her magic. One thing that is certain is that she will do what it takes to keep the roads open. She fully understands our many varying uses of said roads that a small minority of people do not understand ....and never will.