Savoy Blvd


May 10, 2003
I camped at Bodine Field last night... It rained which made for a very poor camping experience. Anyway, while out exploring, I drove down Savoy Blvd. Heading towards rt 72, I noticed that there is a new looking trailer on the property of Pioneer Smelting Factory, so I guess there really is a guard there. Also, has anyone seen the "Sex Plant" before? It is a building on the left side of the road almost accross from pioneer smelting with graffiti all over saying "sex plant" among other things? Also, heading towards Mt Misery Road after crossing 72, I came upon a gun club after some bends in the road. Across the road from the gun club is a wooded area and I clearly noticed a large cellar hole here. Anyone know what any of this stuff is that I saw?