Sears-Bellows Preserve (Flanders,NY)


Jan 11, 2006
Some photos from last Wednsday afternoon in Sears Bellows preserve. I walked practically the length of the preserve, starting at Bellows lake, then heading west along the woods road that links the two lakes. Even though Bellows lake is near the entrance, there wasn't one person around, not even by the playground, which was fine with me. Later, at Sears Lake I did see a truck parked by a ramp to the lake and a boat in the lake, the truck had to have come the way I came in since there was no other way.
Sears lake is quite desolate, and to walk beyond Sears lake would mean leaving the wide woods road (which ended there) and continuing on the windy, narrow Paumonok Path. Despite the chance of getting ticks, I continued and went through some thick oak brush and pines, and then over a stream on these wooden planks placed there, that was pretty tough to navigate without getting wet! The trail finally widened enough for a person to fit through better and I came out on Rt.24. Luckily I got no ticks on me!
Anyway, here's some photos, including a Dragonfly. More can be found in my gallery